Entrust.com leak

August 27, 2022    Article    161 words    1 min read

OUR STORY BEGAN IN 1969, with the founding of Datacard Corporation and the advent of secure, high-speed payment and identity card printers. Since then, we acquired other powerful brands, developed new technologies, and extended our global footprint. That’s why we took a fresh look at what we do, how we do it, and what we stand for. We wanted our brand to convey our boldness, innovation, and quality, and strengthen our position as a world leader in our industries.

This led us to the decision to become Entrust, a name that signifies responsibility, commitment, and trust. Above all, Entrust perfectly embodies our vision of SECURING A WORLD IN MOTION.

So, LockBit began leaking Entrust’s data, first by sharing screenshots of some of the data and then the actual data. Magnet link and info is mirrored into my data leaks page.


Use Tor Browser and navigate to Lockbit website for archives or here for unpacked data.

Size: ~343GB
Magnet link: