Cyberpunk feels 水

December 23, 2021    Article    159 words    1 min read
Cyberpunk feels 水
  • Sitting on a rooftop above a crowded city late at night, watching millions of lives unfold in miniature beneath you.
  • Exchanging not-quite-legal information with anonymous citizens on a Darknet forum.
  • Hacking a personal account or network and getting a distant glimpse in the life of a stranger.
  • Using a stargazing app to see the stars you can’t see with your eyes due to light pollution.
  • Lurking on police scanners with calm music in your dorm thinking of the people outside while sitting in near darkness.
  • Living from paycheck to paycheck in a shitty corporate job, contemplating carding just because everything else looks like a lottery ticket.
  • Navigating a crowd of hundreds of people yet feeling alone in their midst.
  • Jacking into your own personal account on a public-access Unix system.
  • Surfing in a VR browser because you’re too poor to own a VR headset.
  • Cigarette is running out of battery.
  • Eating pizza while fixing up servers late at night.