Building mkp224o on macOS

January 22, 2021    Article    224 words    2 mins read

mkp224o is a vanity address generator for ed25519 onion services. This tool generates vanity ed25519 (hidden service version 3, formely known as proposal 224) onion addresses. Github

Make sure you have Homebrew installed and start by installing the dependencies:

$ brew install autoconf make libsodium

Clone the repo:

$ git clone

Configure and make the mkp224o binary:

$ cd mkp224o
$ ./
$ ./configure && gmake

Updated for M1 architecture:

$ cd mkp224o
$ ./
$ export CFLAGS="-I/opt/homebrew/include"
$ export LDFLAGS="-L/opt/homebrew/lib"
$ ./configure && gmake


$ ./mkp224o
Usage: ./mkp224o filter [filter...] [options]
       ./mkp224o -f filterfile [options]
	-h  - print help to stdout and quit

If you want to generate an onion address that starts with methinks and put the discovered keys inside the ~/Documents/Tor directory:

$ ./mkp224o -d ~/Documents/Tor methinks

How long will it take?

Because of probablistic nature of brute force key generation, and varience of hardware it’s going to run on, it’s hard to make promisses about how long it’s going to take, especially when the most of users want just a few keys. If your machine is powerful enough, 6 character prefix shouldn’t take more than few tens of minutes, if using batch mode (read OPTIMISATION.txt) 7 characters can take hours to days. No promisses though, it depends on pure luck.

Read the mkp224o and Tor documentation.