January 4, 2021    Article    381 words    2 mins read

I don’t know why but I have a feeling that much of the world has become Americanized, as if Rammstein’s song “Amerika” got its way. More companies are adopting anglicisms ad infinitum instead of using native counterparts, sometimes it gets so odd that people actually start mixing English and their native language and speak in something that is the opposite of Engrish.

We also see the soft power influence that America has in non-American media, think of Japanese games like Resident Evil (with characters like Leon Scott Kennedy) or Metal Gear Solid (Solid Snake) series. Especially us, gamers. America seems to be a safe bet when it comes to designing art, American fast food chains wherever you go, American products, stores, holidays and company culture. American politics everywhere.

However, while this is ongoing, not all the people (especially older ones) have really embraced the American mindset. At this point I wonder whether one nation can become another Amerika on its own. I wonder if the whole globe can just become the United Continents of America or something. It’s not necessarily a good thing, actually.

We are living in America
Coca-Cola, sometimes war
We are living in America
America, America 🎵 Rammstein - Amerika

Is this globalism or an actual utopia? Should we call it marketing or propaganda?

I guess that there will be no changes in the near future. Western ideals triumph all the eastern ones in terms of attractiveness, they’re like drugs, unsustainable (especially with rising consumption), but once you see them you’re hooked. The U.S. rules the western ideals with an iron fist.

I can’t imagine anything in China having the influence on the West that Hollywood has/had. There will not be a Chinese or Japanese equivalent of McDonalds, KFC etc with their own food that people of different culture would buy. I really don’t think it’s possible.

What we might see is a rise of preferential trade agreements without the World Trade Organization (WTO). China is catching up in semiconductors and aeronautics, it’s a matter of time and I would give them a decade at most. But the West will still rule in terms of art and culture. The East will rule with technology.

There are no guaranteed wins for either side. The one who gets complacent loses.