A society of children

May 27, 2023    Article    600 words    3 mins read

In an effort to make everyone focus on the one thing they do best, we created a society of children who are experts in things that interest them and clueless in most other things; as soon as the economy loses its ability to ensure all the human rights, infrastructure and conveniences these require, there will only be a minority of people who can clearly judge the value of certain things - those who didn’t have them for granted. An utopia where nobody has to struggle to feed or house themselves would completely forget the value of food and housing and would collapse on itself when supply runs low, as everyone would oppose spending resources on food and housing (it being a given) and would instead start a campaign to find who is to blame.

Calling the west the most corrupt system might sound ungrateful at first, but if you look deeper into it you’ll see that our so-called “freedom” is really nothing more than just a smokescreen. In most dictatorships you usually know what to expect.

Now take a look at societies where a select few hold most resources and power. Maybe they spend it where it should be spent and thus everything is fine, society is functioning well. If they don’t, a few delusional tyrants can only waste so much and people will eventually replace them. This happens because people see from their own and each other’s struggle what actually is and isn’t valuable, thus society is anchored to a realistic set of values, which prevents the dystopian collapse everyone’s been afraid of for a few decades now. And what’s your place as an individual in a society like this?

What can we do? Can we do anything?

Find what grounds you like and hang onto it. Know that even if they are corrupted and degenerated, some of them are still fairly good people. Understand that everything that society has done to twist and turn them can and may twist and turn you too. If you cannot change with the times like you should (like we all should), maybe you could find a nice piece of land in the middle of no where and just fly under the radar of society. Choose the simple life, choose voluntary poverty and find a way to want material possessions less.

I’d start with self-discovery, find a religion or philosophy of a mix of the two to follow. Its okay to imitate people you admire, even if its seems foolish to you. Find a job that you can “deal with”, you don’t have to love it.

Your life is your own, as is mine. It is not someone else’s, nor for someone else.

It is for me only.

Living for others is peak stupidity and I think it’s one of the causes of depression, as those who can’t grasp the basic idea of living only for themselves always end up being the soulless empty shells that we meet everyday.

Keep your mind occupied processing new useful data and reject the media bubbles in the society of the spectacle you live in. Do not waste your time parroting about mundane things like politics or inmigration on Twitter. Reject pitiful emotions that serve no purpose and aim constantly for a better version of yourself in mind and body; not for the betterment of your actual social position, just to feel good on your own prison of flesh. Do not try to fit in nor try to fake your charisma, be stable.

I guess that most of us spend our lives just trying to get afloat.