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Ads! Ads! Ads!

February 5, 2023   Post   89 words  1 min read

Who wants ads, right? There are ways to make ads invisible to us in the Anno Domini 2024 (crap, did I just out myself as a time traveler?), like browser extensions or just developing a numbness to them in general, but what happens when you really want to browse some retro ads from the old days?

It’s simple, you click the Read more link and you enjoy them. I hope I don’t have to mention that you can click on an image to get a higher resolution one, right?

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Blizzard and World of Warcraft in 2023

February 3, 2023   Post   329 words  2 mins read

Somebody asked me if I’m still playing World of Warcraft (kinda, just not at max-level) and if my opinion on Blizzard and their flagship game, World of Warcraft, changed in 2023, considering a new expansion just launched few months ago.

Well, it’s not good; actually, it’s a “What killed the fireman?"-sort of situation where there’s a lot of shit happening all at once and it’s hard to discern exactly what’s going wrong; you have the Business side and you have the Game-itself side.


Blizzard is not doing well at all, it’s obvious that there’s an extreme Rotating Door syndrome when it comes to employees, not to mention they’re in California, so price of living and everything else is ungodly high. The company has money but it’s in investments, not in an actual bank account with a comedic pile of bills that they just horde up and sit on. Good ol’ Bobby Kotick also pulled no punches with slashing costs, Blizzard’s Customer Service Department is basically nonexistent and virtually all tickets are now handled by a Kenyan worker in a warehouse somewhere. Public perception is also extremely poor, with lawsuits and cubicle crawls and most of the actual leadership jumping overboard lest they get wrapped up in the Cosby Suite.

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Men grow up after their fathers die

February 1, 2023    Link

I grew up without a father figure. My father wasn’t someone I aspired to be. People talk about how dangerous absence of a father figure can be. Your mind wonders way too freely without a father figure. This is why men came up with the ultimate father figure, god. Growing up without a father figure either makes you or breaks you. It gives you a sense of helplessness. You are totally alone in the world and there isn’t any guidance you can look up to. You don’t know what kind of life you should live, what kind of behavior you must have.


And there are some dangers of father figures. The fact that you are nothing but a shadow of your dad. You are nothing but a copycat. You cannot truly face with reality in presence of a father figure. You cannot come up with your own identity. You do what your father tells you and avoid being a man he doesn’t want you to be. No parent truly want their kids to grow up. Especially control freaks. They don’t want you to take risks and endanger your life. They don’t want you to fly away. They want to keep you under control all the time. Father figure is the ultimate authority. In presence of a control freak, you cannot truly grow up. You end up being an extremely incapable human being.


Riot's League of Legends source code auction

January 25, 2023   Post   210 words  1 min read

As promised, we wanted to update you on the status of last week’s cyber attack. Over the weekend, our analysis confirmed source code for League, TFT, and a legacy anticheat platform were exfiltrated by the attackers. Riot Games

Because Vice “reporters” are retards and totally not worth of even linking to their 10k words shitty “article” about the fact that Riot Games’ League of Legends source code got leaked (confirmed by Riot), here is more info about it:

  • Link to thread.
  • Proof (Directory tree PDF, 300mb, 1078pages).
  • Telegram of person involved. If this person is the same as the one that exfiltrated the source code from Riot’s servers, now that’s a good question.
  • Size: 72.4GB, files: 572,129, folders: 64,296.
  • Original message:
As you know, League of Legends source code has been stolen, confirmed by Riot Games.
I'm starting auction for the source code, at starting $1,000,000.
Current Offer: $1,000,000
Telegram: @ArkaT_001
News Article:
Twitter post by Riot:
Min bid increment 10k

Yes, this is plain and simple, I don’t have to write 10k words about nothing because I’m not paid 5 cents-a-word like the Vice “reporters” are. Fuck you.

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USRobotics USR5637 USB modem

January 24, 2023   Post   973 words  5 mins read


This article started as a section in the large Nokia Booklet 3G page but I decided to make a separate page just in case someone wants to play with this type of USB modem.

The USR 56K USB Modem, now with voice+, delivers the performance and reliability USR is known for, in a compact, flexible form factor. This controller-based modem integrates powerful communications processing functions into the modem itself, for assured performance without sapping your computer’s processing power. It is also broadly compatible across major operating systems including Linux, Windows and Macintosh (including Windows Server 2016, Windows 10+, Sierra, El Capitan, and Yosemite).

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Android APK reverse engineering in 7 small steps

January 19, 2023   Post   156 words  1 min read

Step 1: install required tools

$ sudo apt install adb apktool openjdk-11-jdk-headless zipalign apksigner
# replace apktool with new version from
$ sudo mv /usr/share/apktool/apktool.jar /usr/share/apktool/apktool.jar.original
$ sudo mv ~/Downloads/apktool_2.7.0.jar /usr/share/apktool/apktool.jar

Step 2: retrieve the APK file

# start by finding the name of the app
$ adb shell pm list packages | grep <APP_NAME>
# find path of the app
$ adb shell pm path <APP>
# and pull the APK file
$ adb pull <PATH> .
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