Once there were brook trout in the streams in the mountains. You could see them standing in the amber current where the white edges of their fins wimpled softly in the flow. They smelled of moss in your hand. Polished and muscular and torsional. On their backs were vermiculate patterns that were maps of the world in its becoming. Maps and mazes. Of a thing which could not be put back. Not be made right again. In the deep glens where they lived all things were older than man and they hummed of mystery. Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Humans will always flock to the simplest, cheapest distractions available and towards the social setting which offers them most comfort with least investments required and lowest entry barrier available.
The Universe dreams through our dreams.
Reproducing is like involuntary manslaughter because from the moment of birth you’ve condemned someone new to death.
One of the most profound moral realization out there is that morality is a social construct that doesn’t tangibly exist in reality, a cultural fan-fiction on a grand scale.
Intellectual property is a meme.
Don’t confuse stone-age people for the type of primitive mindless brutes that modern day humans have become, people who rely on nature cannot afford mindless distractions and rampant stupidity because nature does not leave space for ignorance.
Rorschach (from the Watchmen universe) is an incredibly morally righteous and self motivated hero willing to stubbornly stand for his ideals literally in the face of literal super-humans and billionaire ubermensch. And in the end he wins despite dying because of how steadfast he was.
Google isn’t a search engine anymore but some kind of an index of promotional websites.
People are afraid of being wrong. And in a world where more and more of what you say and do is connected to your digital “profile” you just aren’t incentivized to ask creative questions or propose creative answers. It limits human knowledge but people fear being associated with a “bad” answer.
Literal fire could be raining from the sky as buildings crumble to dust and some will still be claiming we’re going to the stars in 5 years.
For a bird born in captivity, flight is a mental illness.
Crime is a social construct dictated by whatever society arbitrarily defines as crime. Crime is not systemic at all but simply an inevitable aspect of any given civilization that identifies the idea of a crime and treats it as a problem, so “rehabilitation” will never work either. The truth is that there will always be “crime” as in essence it’s just human behavior that doesn’t conform to the status quo of a given culture, completely made up.
People have completely bought into the black / white mindset that there are heroes and villains in this world, and that if you’re part of the hero team then anything is justifiable.
If I were to take a wild guess, none of the people drooling over the idea of war actually want to face its horrors. But they love the idealized, movie-esque idea of war.
I learn from the mistakes of people who take my advice.
I cant tell whether the Internet is dead because people have gotten more bitter as they have gotten older or the younger generation is very angry.
If a product has an ad, it’s money not spent on improving the product and is instead money spent on trying to psychologically manipulate people into buying your shitty broken product.
If a site requires ads to survive then it would be better if it didn’t.
Screw your apps. Screw your karma. Screw your need to know what we’re all about.
The future is outside the internet, in DIY communications and life projects. Stop wasting too much time on what is now a corporate “global platform”, anything that is linked to the socialist-capitalist system will always eventually become “platformized” and commercialized. Slowly but surely, the Internet is changing into a “customer point of service” where the main function is to interact with the corporations and/or regime services. The future obviously is outside the Internet, computation is not somehow a subset of the Internet, it is the other way around.
There’s no Hell to fear below, but its prospect is in demand.
As a side-note, nazi, communism, genocide, war crimes, human rights, they all lost their meaning. Now they’re just buzzwords peppered into the discourse around whatever current boogeyman is.
The internet is no longer the Internet. What we call “the internet” now is basically how early television was in the in 60’s: you get three highly curated channels that tell you how to think and have nothing interesting on them.
The Internet hasn’t been about education in 20 years. Now it’s about selling stuff and receiving your daily dose of government propaganda. The Internet will continue to consume us until we’re fully enveloped in a simulated world.
God is expressly not a material phenomenon and is thus not dependent on the existence of material reality.
Happiness is used today in the sense of “contentment” or “satisfaction” with regard to a utility function. It stems from cringe-tier utilitarianism of the Englishman. I got some attention from someone, therefore I am happy. I got 100 likes on my latest Instagram post, therefore I am happy. This is not happiness in the philosophical sense of the word, or at least it’s not how non-utilitarians understand it. Because our world is dominated by the US consumerist mindset, their definition of happiness (ie satisfying one’s utilities) has unfortunately become the main definition of happiness.
The old ones are ignored, the young ones don’t want to be irrelevant.
Existence is entropy, I guess they don’t teach that in 5th grade anymore. Of course, humans may be random but they hardly ever change.
Dopamine is a hell of a drug. It feels good to be wanted and people substitute the virtual for the real, but it’s a hollow shell. The top aspiring profession nowadays is to be an influencer - a puppet - because the puppets pull the strings of the sheep. But who is pulling the strings of the puppets?
Just stick to the light, don’t ruminate in darkness or you’ll start to become that way.
If you attempt to understand the “meaning of life”, you will always come to the conclusion that it is inherently meaningless.
There never was a free market, not in the middle ages and definitely not now. Back then you had guilds monopolizing jobs, now you have regulators rigging the market. The modern big tech companies learned painfully that you need to live with burning money on bribes and play the politics game as they struggled with it for quite a while trying to ignore it.
The warm glow of the phosphor burns your eyes, as the rhythmic echo of the keyboard rings in your ears. Day and night blend into one, and time stands still.
For all the great riches and wonders in cities, there’s equal poverty and suffering.
Sitting on a rooftop above a crowded city late at night watching millions of lives unfold in miniature beneath.
We are haunted by visions of the future that were created in the past.
Mankind has a tendency to not accept what it cannot control. Our politicians and virologists often said something along the lines: “we need to do X to keep control of the situation”. In the end we never were in control of the situation but people cannot accept that. Most of the measures we took were nothing more than modern day rain dances. Feeble attempts by humans arrogant enough to think they could defeat or control a natural phenomenon that is well beyond ours to control.
Moral of the story being: if you do the crime, don’t visit USA.
Web Development is bloated as fuck and that might be ok but it can get annoying and demoralizing at times.
One of the essential tenets of capitalism is that it isn’t a scam if enough hegemonic corporations engage in it.
These days, no one wants you – your physical company. People are aiming towards your attention and your credit card.
😩 I have a hard time feeling sorry for the traditional press, they spent decades killing their own reputation and are now paying the price. They could have had websites so reputable, so popular, that they would have been the news hub. Instead they turned the internet into the bad actor, kept publishing political agendas and sensationalist headlines and hoped we would suck it up as we did when they were king of the hill.
Welcome to modern serfdom, implemented by apps. Your boss is an app, your job is classified as an ‘independent contractor’, you own nothing. You can never get off the treadmill of wage slavery.
You’re always going to dependent on someone in the mainstream economic world if you want to have a web presence in North America. Even if you run your own servers, you’re at the mercy of your hosting provider, your ISP, your DNS registrar, and even browser level things like Google Safe Browsing. Any of these can be major points of failure.
As The Age of Surveillance Capitalism points out – social networks need to be regulated. We need to punish their bad behaviour just as we punish sexual abuse. But banning bad behaviour, sadly, isn’t enough. We also have to take responsible steps to protect ourselves. Abstinence isn’t safe – why quitting social media isn’t the solution