Zivert: Vinyl #2

October 10, 2021    Music    98 words    1 min read        
Zivert: Vinyl #2

Yulia Zivert, better known by her stage name Zivert, is a Russian singer and model. Her career started in 2017 after releasing her first singles “Чак” and “Анестезия”. She gained international fame in 2018 with her single “Life”. Her newest album, Vinyl #2 is definitely an evolution of the previous one (Vinyl #1). My favorite song? Definitely “Три дня любви” (Three days of love); and don’t forget the Rocky tribute. Wikipedia

Track listing

  1. “Рокки”
  2. “CRY”
  3. “DEL MAR”
  4. “Тебе”
  5. “Три Дня Любви”
  6. “Forever Young”
  7. “Не Фарт”
  8. “Турист”
  9. “Два Туриста”
  10. “Тишина”
  11. “Многоточия”
  12. “ЯТЛ”