Сироткин: Эхопарк

September 24, 2023    Music    201 words    1 min read         
Сироткин: Эхопарк

There are days when I don’t need anything at all except the emptiness of consciousness and Sirotkin’s songs pouring out of my headphones. Sometimes I’m outside, in a bad mood, and I want something that will level the pits of resentment, fatigue, loneliness and uncertainty. Don’t we all have such days?

And sometimes it’s also so annoying this adult life that made me forget who I am. You have to work, work, and there is no time and opportunity to admit to yourself that everything is not going the way you want, and how I imagined it when I was younger. And then I want someone to understand, just understand and accept this melancholy.

Sirotkin’s performances are what the performances of real musicians should be – his own. He doesn’t pretend to be a star, or a tortured rock musician, he just sings the songs he composed. Give a chance to a young guy with a guitar while he still sings what he wants, not what the producers want, and let’s hope together that everything will be the same for him in the future!

Track listing

  1. “Выше домов”
  2. “Рассвет”
  3. “Лисы волки”
  4. “Лилии”
  5. “В пламени ракет”