Sam Wills: Breathe

February 25, 2023    Music    112 words    1 min read        
Sam Wills: Breathe

This album from Sam Wills is beautiful from start to finish, he has created yet another beautiful collection of smooth vocal treasures. It’s as if each song is a chapter from a storybook, and is being read to you as you slowly drift to sleep under the light of the night sky. Each song tells a new story and while they’re all cohesive within the vibe of the album, they all have their own individual unique feelings and emotions.

Track listing

  1. “Breathe”
  2. “Talking in the Morning”
  3. “Night Drive”
  4. “Overthinking of You”
  5. “Curious”
  6. “Traingazing”
  7. “Friendzone”
  8. “Undercover”
  9. “Hold Tight”
  10. “Lay Down”
  11. “The Shed (Interlude)”
  12. “Dimension”
  13. “Open Water”
  14. “Turn Back”
  15. “Chapters”