Pablo Nouvelle: Wired

August 28, 2021    Music    126 words    1 min read        
Pablo Nouvelle: Wired

Pablo Nouvelle gained international attention first in 2012 with his self-released and self-titled album described as “essential” by Mixmag, followed by the Ep YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND on UK’s tastemaker label Black Butter. In Pablo’s own description, “Wired has become a very eclectic album with a lot of different facets and colours. There are dark club tunes, pop songs and more relaxed organic tracks. I always keep my ears wide open for interesting singers and artists. Ideally, I try to reach out to them directly and meet them for a session.”

Track listing

  1. “Every Time You Go”
  2. “Sunshine In Stereo”
  3. “Wired”
  4. “Careless”
  5. “Nostalgic Love”
  6. “Money”
  7. “I’m Not”
  8. “I Want For Nothing”
  9. “Harder Now”
  10. “Leave Now”
  11. “Panic”
  12. “Am I Still Asleep”