Oh Boy Les Mecs: Nurture Nature

August 17, 2022    Music    142 words    1 min read       
Oh Boy Les Mecs: Nurture Nature

Oh Boy Les Mecs formed in March 2012 when Tracy Marcellino and Hanford Pittman decided to create electronic music. The duo’s mixture of heavy synths and evoking vocals create a distinct electronic pop sound. They played alongside Hercules, Love Affair and Rare Times as part of the Red Bull Sound Select event at The Troubadour.

Tracy and Hanford met at SXSW through the bands they were in at the time, Hanford joined the band that Tracy was in, but that band dissolved. Hanford and Tracy decided to still play together.

The name Oh Boy Les Mecs came from their artist friend, Joya Martuscello, who did the artwork for their EP, Nurture Nature. Oh Boy Les Mecs means “Oh Boy You Guys”. This is a French-English play on words.

Track listing

  1. “Unrest”
  2. “Nurture Nature”
  3. “Helium”
  4. “The Flood”
  5. “Dormant Frenzy”