Nada Surf: High/Low

March 21, 2023    Music    103 words    1 min read       
Nada Surf: High/Low

Matthew Caws’ songwriting across High/Low is probably not gonna blow your mind, but High/Low is a solid listen, and more than just a nostalgia trap for us 90s’ fans. High/Low is actually an excellent descriptor for Nada Surf’s debut. They employ a shifting sound that cannot sit still, and when they try to slow down a bit, there’s a powerful push-pull as if they are itching to go super-fast again. They are jangly, with a lot of loud, ringing guitars, with exhausting tempos.

Track listing

  1. “Deeper Well”
  2. “The Plan”
  3. “Popular”
  4. “Sleep”
  5. “Stalemate”
  6. “Treehouse”
  7. “Icebox”
  8. “Psychic Caramel”
  9. “Hollywood”
  10. “Zen Brain”