Népal: Adios Bahamas

May 21, 2023    Music    225 words    2 mins read         
Népal: Adios Bahamas

Vois-tu ? J’ai arrêté d’essayer de comprendre ces gens qui reprochaient aux autres des erreurs qu’eux-mêmes commettent, à croire qu’ils vivent hors de leur corps, chasseurs de comètes, à s’abreuver de promesses parlent d’élévation mais restent collés comme des posters. - Népal

Népal advocates a spiritual flight and the attachment to your ideals and your loved ones in order to face the brutality of the system. For this last album, Népal has been able to propose a project that traces both the nocturnal universe, hovering and heavy that could be found on its first EPs; and at the same time a new energy with much more open and sunny tracks on which we had heard little; despite a slightly redundant sung dynamic in the second part of the album which denotes the intensity of the first titles.

Through this latest album, a whole discography, a career, but above all a life, come to an end. But his music, as controlled as it is full of wisdom, will live on through the ears of those who understand it forever. To listen to Adios Bahamas is to continue to see the world through his eyes one last time, however distant they may be.

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Track listing

  1. “Opening”
  2. “Ennemis, Pt. 2”
  3. “En Face”
  4. “Trajectoire”
  5. “Vibe”
  6. “Lemonade”
  7. “Là-Bas”
  8. “Sundance”
  9. “Millionnaire”
  10. “Sans Voir”
  11. “Crossfader”
  12. “Daruma”