Maruv: Black Water

July 11, 2020    Music    138 words    1 min read       
Maruv: Black Water

Anna Borysivna Korsun, known professionally as Maruv, is a Ukrainian singer, composer, poet and producer. She lives and works in Kyiv.

In 2017, Korsun met guitarist, DJ, and performer Mikhail Busin (also known under the pseudonym BOOSIN). They realised that their voices were in harmony and decided to work further under the name of Maruv & Boosin. Their first joint song was “Spini”. Later, they recorded a second joint song, “Drunk Groove”, which became famous, even hitting the overseas charts. The track was released on 15 December 2017. Korsun was the author of the text, and Busin authored the music.

Track listing

  1. “Drunk Groove”
  2. “LaLaLa”
  3. “ETL”
  4. “Looking For You”
  5. “Black Water”
  6. “Drive Me Crazy”
  7. “Crooked”
  8. “No Love”
  9. “Lonely”
  10. “Give Me Love”
  11. “Shame On You”
  12. “Focus On Me”
  13. “Shukala”
  14. “Sama”
  15. “Focus On Me (Strip Version)”