Lola Marsh: Remember Roses

August 1, 2019    Music    112 words    1 min read       
Lola Marsh: Remember Roses

Lola Marsh, aka vocalist Yael Shoshana Cohen and multi-instrumentalist Gil Landau, create music that combine clever lyrics with deep warm harmonies.

Remember Roses, released in the summer of 2017 is an effervescent collection of songs that boast a stunning juxtaposition of wistfulness and melancholy, set against an eccentrically offbeat pop backdrop.

The record conjures up imagery of pastel skies and carefree summer days; and seeks to find beauty in even the most softly spoken and mundane moments of everyday life.

Track listing

  1. “You’re Mine”
  2. “Remember Roses”
  3. “Wishing Girl”
  4. “She’s A Rainbow”
  5. “Bluebird”
  6. “The Wind”
  7. “Sirens”
  8. “Stranger”
  9. “Sirens [Interlude]”
  10. “Morning Bells”
  11. “Hometown”
  12. “In Good Times”
  13. “Le Sud”