KOKIA: moment

December 1, 2021    Music    234 words    2 mins read       
KOKIA: moment

While less innovative than the REAL WORLD album, “moment” is full of optimistic and inspired writing. The performances by all involved are impeccable and the sweat and toil that has gone into producing this record is evident. The live recording allows those unable to see the singer in person to experience at least a fraction of what it may be like to be in the same room, which was one of KOKIA’s motives for making this album. In the liner notes she writes how under the one sky that connects us and her, the past, the present, the future and all of our feelings, she finds the strength to live and perform in the fleeting moment.

The final track is the vocal and piano only Mou ichido…, which in line with many of her other albums brings the album to a gentle close. The main melody has a celtic lilt to it, emphasised by KOKIA’s use of her characteristic trills. It sorrowfully speaks of partings, but as it also is about meeting again it is hopeful. A soft and haunting lullaby of an ending.


Track listing

  1. “Moment~今を生きる~” (Seize The Day)
  2. “Te A Te”
  3. “From 16”
  4. “大人のオオカミ” (Adult Wolf)
  5. “大丈夫 だいじょうぶ” (I’m Alright I’m Alright)
  6. “本当の音” (True Sound)
  7. “優しい調べ” (Gentle Melody)
  8. “空でつながってる” (Having A Sky)
  9. “愛と平和と音楽と” (Love and Peace and Music)
  10. “5つ目の季節” (5th Season)
  11. “もう一度…” (One More Time…)