Jaël: Sinfonia

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Jaël: Sinfonia

Jaël (born Rahel Krebs; August 19, 1979 in Bern, Switzerland) is a Swiss musician who was the frontwoman and lead singer of the band Lunik from 1998 to 2013. She worked several times with Delerium, co-writing, and singing “After All” on their album Chimera, “Lost and Found” on their album Nuages du Monde, and “Light Your Light” on their 2012 album Music Box Opera. She is both internationally famous in the trance music community as well as domestically famous from her work in Lunik.

Sinfonia (released 01/01/2021) is a great new album from Jaël, although of course this is not completely new material but about old songs recorded in a “symphonic” guise; some of the songs are from her band Lunik. Jaël’s voice and the orchestra are a GREAT match and I really loved Reminded for Life, it’s a really powerful song.

Fears are often linked to the opinions of other people who want to tell you what you should, may, or can not do. In the run-up to the release of my new album “Sinfonia”, there were people who said: “What, did you make an album this Corona year? Does anyone even care? ”I could have let myself be influenced by these opinions and I could also have found that the time is not ideal to record, release and market a new album, also because you can’t really go on tour with it.
But for me, the longer the more the belief that I just want to do what feels right for me, the more it applies. If it’s something beautiful and I have the feeling that it has a right to exist, then I’ll do it. Of course, as a musician I’m also a business woman and sometimes have to think about whether I’m going to ruin myself with a project. But basically you should dare to do something and assume that it means well to you at the end of the day. I’m not a fan of bungee jumping, figuratively or effectively, and I’m really not a reckless person, but rather a cautious person. But you shouldn’t let yourself be dominated by the fear that something might not turn out well or that anything might happen. Interview with Jaël, in German

Track listing

  1. “Reminded For Life”
  2. “Slide”
  3. “Lost And Found”
  4. “No Matter What”
  5. “Done With Fake”
  6. “Wear Me Down”
  7. “Hero Of Neverland”
  8. “Serenity”
  9. “Belong Nowhere”
  10. “Waiting For A Sign”
  11. “Falling Again”
  12. “Greatest Win”
  13. “It’s Time”