Hanna Leess: Dirty Mouth Sweet Heart

December 4, 2018    Music    286 words    2 mins read       
Hanna Leess: Dirty Mouth Sweet Heart

One year ago today I showed up at the Warschauer s-bahn station with more luggage than I felt I could carry up three lengthy flights of stairs. I looked around to see no one there to help anymore. scared shitless! One of the most compulsive decision I had ever made … to sporadically leave my lover in Iceland, hop on a plane to Germany instead of New York, and land in a city where I knew virtually no one besides a gracious couple that I met at a show that provided me with shelter until I could stand on my own.

Berlin has made me grow up and stay young all at once. It showed me how to groove in exhaustion with my most primal steps, and how to hone in my craft during the dark hours of winter, while still getting to play with anyone and everyone around willing to co-create something, anything, anytime. I’ve met my best friend and drummer, who has allowed me to stand tall and proud holding a guitar, and singing out whatever the fuck I please. My friends and lovers have taught me that even a stranger can hold outstanding support, and just because you are far away from your history, doesn’t mean you are ever alone, in any sense of the word world. As i sit here reflecting on this whirlwind, I am thanking each and every person that has written their way into my story. love love love.

Track listing

  1. “Rainbows”
  2. “My god knows how to cry”
  3. “Know How To Run”
  4. “I Don’t Suppose”
  5. “Grown Stone”
  6. “Tie My Shoes”
  7. “Punk Love”
  8. “Just Can’t Stay”
  9. “Shameless Face”
  10. “Bright Eyes”
  11. “Change is my name”