Erk Tha Jerk: Airplane Mode

January 27, 2021    Music    168 words    1 min read     

You ever have a friend who you know, but don’t know their name – only their nickname? Like, you only know their initials? Or maybe you call them an adjective and a color, “Big Red” or something like that?

I don’t remember when I found out his real name. I don’t even remember where I first met him. But I can tell you this: probably the most underwhelming thing I ever learned was that Erk Tha Jerk’s real name is Kevin Allen.

As Erk tha Jerk, he saw the kind of success many hip-hop artists see: a hit song or two, national recognition, foreign cars, and headaches related to the ups and downs of the music industry over the course of 10 projects — albums, EPs and mixtapes.

Track listing

  1. “Monumental”
  2. “All The Time”
  3. “Love Again”
  4. “Callin'”
  5. “So Amazing”
  6. “D.T.A (interlude)”
  7. “Air Up There”
  8. “Swear To Gawd”
  9. “All Day Long”
  10. “Diamond”
  11. “Smoke & Ride”
  12. “Toast To Love”
  13. “Art Of War”
  14. “Quit Textin’ My Phone”