Enrique Bunbury: Expectativas

April 8, 2022    Music    212 words    1 min read         

“Expectativas” is (or it seems) a, perhaps unconscious and inevitable tribute to Bowie after its disappearance, but it is not in a forced or imposed manner: it is a new mask of the ex-Héroes del Silencio that does not disagree, in any case, with the ethics that he has always exhibited. Because in it the balance between hook, attitude, coherence and emotion is easily achieved, thanks mainly to well-sculpted compositions, both lyrically and musically.

It’s the soundtrack of a dystopia that has mutated into reality, which is conjugated in the present tense and, at first glance, has no expiration date. In the eleven songs that make up the album, the composer places us in a heinous ecosystem like the “Brave New World” of Huxley, the “1984” of Orwell, or Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs” except that, instead of resorting to confabulation, the musician sings based on what you see, what you read, and what you live. With “Expectativas”, Bunbury offers up an ambitious, vibrant, implacable and beautiful album, undoubtedly among his most important works.

Track listing

  1. “La Ceremonia De La Confusión”
  2. “La Actitud Correcta”
  3. “Cuna De Caín”
  4. “En Bandeja De Plata”
  5. “Parecemos Tontos”
  6. “Lugares Comunes, Frases Hechas”
  7. “Al Filo De Un Cuchillo”
  8. “Bartleby (Mis Dominios)”
  9. “Mi Libertad”
  10. “La Constante”
  11. “Supongo”