Darkside: Psychic

January 6, 2023    Music    92 words    1 min read       
Darkside: Psychic

A real surprise to the senses, Golden Arrow, is the best opening that this album could have. With a steady pedal by the synthesizer, different effects appear, including string-like sounds, curated voices, and others. Although it may not seem like it, there is a melody drifting from one instrument to the other, and it is quite clear when you listen to the song at least more than once.

Track listing

  1. “Golden Arrow”
  2. “Sitra”
  3. “Heart”
  4. “Paper Trails”
  5. “The Only Shrine I’ve Seen”
  6. “Freak, Go Home”
  7. “Greek Light”
  8. “Metatron”