Iran Sanctions: A Story of Discrimination and Isolation

April 20, 2022    Bookmark

Let me take you through a story on what it feels like to be isolated from the world, not by choice, but rather, by force. This is a story of discrimination, of monopoly, of people shrugging to these issues and of utterances that affect lives of millions.

Living in Iran, or any sanctioned country for that matter, you learn to read “anyone, anywhere” with an appendix of “except you”. You soon learn “worldwide shipping” excludes you, that’s when you start wondering, are you not living in “the world”? Where is this “world” they talk about?


This, in part, is caused by the global monopoly of American companies such as Google, Amazon, GitHub and alike in their respective fields. This means if The United States decides to pressure a specific target, the target population is likely to be left without much of an alternative or option, since a great proportion of the land is covered by American companies.

Iranian users rely heavily on use of VPN services and proxy servers to bypass censorship, but now with most Cloud Providers blocking access of Iranians, we are left with limited, usually more expensive options for setting up these servers.

Mahdi Dibaiee