Productivity Cult

June 27, 2023    Bookmark

Productivity cult is one of modern capitalist religions which praises human productivity above everything, even happiness, well being, sanity etc. Kids nowadays are all about “how to be more motivated and productive”, they make daily checklists, analyze tables of their weekly performance, count how much time they spend taking a shit on the toilet, give up sleep to study some useless bullshit required by the current market fluctuation. Productivity cult is all about voluntarily making oneself a robot, a slave to the system that worships capital. It sometimes hides beyond other terms such as self improvement, personal growth etc.

A human is living being, not a machine, he should live a happy relaxed life, dedicated to spending time with his close ones, raising children, enjoying the beauties of nature, exploring secrets of the universe, without stress; he should create when inspiration or a truly great necessity comes to him and when he does, he should take his time to carefully make the art great, without hasting it or forcing it. Productivity cult goes all against this, it proclaims one should be constantly spitting out “something”, torturing and forcing himself, maximizing quantity on detriment of quality, undergo constant stress while suppressing rest – that one should all the time be preoccupied with competitive fight, deadlines, that art he creates is something that can be planned on schedule, made on deadline and assigned a calculated price tag to be an ideal consumerist product. If such stance towards life doesn’t make you wanna puke, you most likely lack a soul.

Miloslav Číž