Men grow up after their fathers die

February 1, 2023    Bookmark

I grew up without a father figure. My father wasn’t someone I aspired to be. People talk about how dangerous absence of a father figure can be. Your mind wonders way too freely without a father figure. This is why men came up with the ultimate father figure, god. Growing up without a father figure either makes you or breaks you. It gives you a sense of helplessness. You are totally alone in the world and there isn’t any guidance you can look up to. You don’t know what kind of life you should live, what kind of behavior you must have.


And there are some dangers of father figures. The fact that you are nothing but a shadow of your dad. You are nothing but a copycat. You cannot truly face with reality in presence of a father figure. You cannot come up with your own identity. You do what your father tells you and avoid being a man he doesn’t want you to be. No parent truly want their kids to grow up. Especially control freaks. They don’t want you to take risks and endanger your life. They don’t want you to fly away. They want to keep you under control all the time. Father figure is the ultimate authority. In presence of a control freak, you cannot truly grow up. You end up being an extremely incapable human being.