I've soured on Open Source

September 13, 2023    Bookmark    https://greaterdanorequalto.com/ive-soured-on-open-source/

Look, I get the noble intentions that originally spawned the movement, but y’all, capitalism is winning, and Open Source isn’t changing that fact by an appreciable margin. What it is doing, however, is convincing a whole lot of talented people to donate critical hours of their life to working on tools and libraries that profitable corporations are making bank off of.


I don’t know what the answer is, I just know that I’ve stopped feeling good about people sinking so much of their time, energy, and good vibes into this work, only for their good intentions to be taken advantage of. As power and money shifts ever more away from the people who work towards the people who own things, it feels weird and wrong to see people give away the fruits of their labour for free to the people who are getting more and more of it, cheaper and cheaper, everyday.

Dan Hulton