Create More, Consume Less

June 23, 2023    Bookmark

Content is largely bounded by what’s accepted by the masses. As creators try to monetize their work (because they need money too), it all kind of starts converging towards this magic formula/template which “works”. It gets people’s attention, and it’s familiar enough that people can at least understand it and put it into context, but it has enough things switched around that it can be classified as something “different”. But really, looking underneath the veil, a lot of the content is very similar to each other. Cookie cutter content is a lot of what we get nowadays, and it all has kind of lost its lustre.

As a result from all of this, I realized that creation is where the most fulfillment comes from. To create something with your own hands is a feeling which cannot be replicated elsewhere. And the greatest part of it is that it’s practically limitless. That is the amazing thing about creativity: there are literally no bounds to it.