Once there were brook trout in the streams in the mountains. You could see them standing in the amber current where the white edges of their fins wimpled softly in the flow. They smelled of moss in your hand. Polished and muscular and torsional. On their backs were vermiculate patterns that were maps of the world in its becoming. Maps and mazes. Of a thing which could not be put back. Not be made right again. In the deep glens where they lived all things were older than man and they hummed of mystery. Cormac McCarthy, The Road

I could help you but I won’t. Because I can’t.

Electron is not cancer but it is a symptom of a disease.

The whole need for socialization is nothing more than people trying to justify their empty lives by gathering around each other and hearing constant acceptance from others, as if that mattered.

Silicon Valley is full of sore winners (and losers).

Socialising is a weird disease, you can see how empty the lives of people addicted to it are.

I’m thinking about getting together with some friends to pay into a fund to house our websites after we die. That part shouldn’t be too hard (the funding, the dying part is quite simple), I just haven’t tried to set something like this up because it’s a pretty morbid thing to ask.

Our ghosts could live forever, if we help each other!

Remember when people used to surf the internet, instead of visiting the same four pages that all hate their users?

The internet used to be a place for free expression and creativity, but now it’s dominated by a few big companies that control what we see and hear. We’ve lost the sense of community that once existed online, and it’s been replaced by a culture of consumerism and conformity. But don’t worry, there are still places on the internet where you can find like-minded people and share your ideas. Keep searching and you’ll find them!

Do millennials dream of heterosexual romantic love?

I am very interested in human thoughts, just not the human that comes with it.

When we die, we become nutrients to other organisms, we are decomposed, mainly by bacteria if we are buried. These bacteria will be eaten by bigger bacteria, then moving up the food chain, from protozoans up to birds and reptiles and mammals of any kind.

But I’m gonna shoot my corpse into the sun. No fucker is gonna get my HARD EARNED molecules, that’s for sure.

Cultures should evolve and new cultures should form in modern environments. That doesn’t mean every ‘modern’ country has to build the same buildings, wear the same clothes and standardize their letter layouts the same way. Modernizing doesn’t mean watching Marvel movies.

Internet is the greatest censorship machine ever created, replacing material with virtual. Before you could censor books and newspapers but the rulers of the past couldn’t even imagine being able to censor the stuff you see with your own eyes by covering it with various screens.

With the wind in my hair,
And the rain on my face,
I’ll harden my heart,
And quicken my pace.

Our folly is that we confuse knowledge with information. The efficiencies of software compel us to flatten the human dimension into a friction-less relay for information surfaces. Thought is the enemy in this system. It is slow, inefficient, irregular—it can’t be automated. Chatbots exist to eliminate slow thought, as thought stands in the way of capital at the speed of light. Weightless, mass-less, information capital, mined out of thin air. Those of us left standing after it has mutilated the economy will be reduced to midwives birthing a thoughtless world.

I simply do not care anymore. Call it indifference, call it lethargy, call it demoralization, I don’t care. I simply do not care and there is nothing anyone can say or do to make me care.

I don’t want to be caught up in society and the world, I want to be closer to God and his unspoiled creation, because the latter provides what the former only promises.

If you’re just an average person, there may be a lot of things worth doing in your life, but if you look at it from the outside perspective, it might look dull and mundane. The value of your life doesn’t depend on if it entertains a hypothetical observer, it should entertain yourself living it. Besides, a lot of people who do end up epic characters of some sort with ‘a lot to show for themselves’, like Hemingway or Einstein, end up buying into their own LARP and ultimately become a miserable person trapped in a character. It’s like sacrificing your well-being to your ego. And ultimately all of it turns to dust and even the greatest figures in history are barely remembered.

Better to live for living than for the story of your life. That said, it’s never too late to start making interesting choices and crafting a wild adventure for yourself. That, in itself, can be a very worthwhile way to live. I just think you shouldn’t get too hung up on it in terms of a narrative or legacy.

The apple does fall far from the tree if you’re an ant.

I have a beating heart, a healthy body and a mind capable of dreaming. This is all I need. No greater comfort will ever exist.

It’s a good time to learn to garden, I guess. The internet was fun for a couple decades, but soon it’ll be cable TV-grade through and through.

Search engine crawlers no longer function as they once have, they have been neutered to push you towards sites that fill the narrative. Most web pages are now lost or difficult to find if you don’t know the link. Internet etiquette has degraded. Corporations have decided they must have control over every aspect of the Internet. The amount of sites the average person visits has dropped dramatically due to growth of big tech websites, competition is non-existent or irrelevant causing stagnation. Good luck getting anyone to use your new site without controversy of a major player on the field to make people switch.

You feel like you are talking to bots? That’s because most people are literally walking bots and their iPhone has granted them access to the net without broadband or a desktop; unleashed to discourse their undesired opinions and thoughts.

Our ‘purpose’ is not to work 40 hours a week so someone else can live a better life.

The American ruling class has been utterly divorced from the consequences of their reckless interventions, and because the strength of their MSM propaganda is so powerful, I believe they have collectively ’lost the plot’, so to speak, and have begun to like the smell of their own bullshit, that is to say, they are completely taken in by the astroturfed rhetoric that is meant to manufacture consent among the public at large, i.e. the proles, and the petite bourgeoisie. Because they actually believe their own ridiculous lies about ‘human rights’ and intervening to ‘protect freedom and democracy’, they keep implementing failed strategies that were only ever meant to be used for expedience, and when relevant. They will keep trying to fuck around with Russia, China, Iran, DPRK, Venezuela, and so on until they are utterly and completely dismantled. Soon the only people left on the world stage who believe the Americans will be the Americans themselves.

I have somehow accidentally become a morally good person.

Failure might be better than success. You learn much more from it and become a better person.

You probably know Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous quote “When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you.” I’d rather say: stare harder. Feel the coldness enter your bones. When you are one with it, force it to embody the meaning you carry. You’re not stuck here with the void, the void is stuck here with you.

I’m pretty sure Hillary Clinton has cute old lady hobbies when she’s not orchestrating war crimes in the Middle East.

Every now and again something will happen that’s so stupid it could only happen in real life because it it happened in a book people would say it were bad writing. I live for these stupid moments.

You live in a world where movies are deemed good or bad by the composition of the production staff. Statements are factual depending not only on who says it, but why they say it. Products are purchased because of how the raw materials were sourced.

You don’t eat strawberries, you drink Baskin Robbins strawberry ice cream-flavored sugar-free pea-protein meal replacement powder. You order small jumbo popcorn chicken at the drive-thru. You’ve only seen Plato’s cave via VR headset … on a Twitch stream.

The wise man holds knowledge and doesn’t let it disturb his mind. The fool gets mad with information. Learn to separate both things.

I feel strangely drawn to that which is abandoned or forgotten. Books that very few people read nowadays, about topics that very few people care about, passion projects of people on the internet who never made it, niche, old games, dilapidated houses, small town city streets at 3AM. Their loneliness calls out to me. Not in a hipster way, but in the sense that they have a strange pull to them that is hard to explain.

Social media will destroy your ability to read and write longer than a twitter post. Brevity may be the soul of wit, but I feel that without the alternative it’s just a husk.

Maybe the best part of life is having someone to hold onto while this godforsaken rock hurls though space.

Contemporary literature feels so dull and homogeneous to me. Practically no one has a unique feel to their writings, unique ideas to express, or unique ways to express themselves, everything blends together into one big bourgeois mountain of boredom, triteness, safety, inanity, and belated (post-)modernism.

Maybe you’re obsessed with beauty because you’re ugly.

Took me some time to realize it, but media really is the enemy of the people.

It’s all just white noise.

It’s okay if you cannot be free from the system in your lifetime, as long as you are doing the work for the generations to come. We will not be free from the system in our generation, but we can pave the way for those to come.

And as a phrase allegedly attributed to some Native Americans: “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

I will never find what I seek because what I seek is what sustains me, and sustenance never ends. All I know is my body. It’s not just a foundation. It is literally everything that I know. There’s no escaping this. I can sculpt a new world, but it will never satisfy me.

We’re in terminal stages of the biggest disease known to mankind: the internet.

Humans can only understand the world through analogy, this is why simulation theory exists, reality is just too big for people, so they need to shrink it down to a model they can understand. Nowadays it’s video games and computers, a few thousand years ago it was tapestries and thread-weavers.

I seem to place more value on my life than you place on yours.

The lowest common denominator and the path of least resistance mainstream the most carnal of human inclinations. The corruptibility of human nature is boundless.

Here it is again, that deep sense of peace. Ever feel like you’re watching yourself from above?

If you want to be a good writer, you’ll need to understand all kinds of people. That doesn’t mean you should be a people-pleaser by agreeing with everyone, but you should extend even your worst enemies the maximum amount of empathy you can muster.

Sometimes you just gotta play Crash Bandicoot 2 and not think about your financial status for a little while.

2023 will be the year of the mass balkanization of brains.

The only reason people tend to think the Nazis were obsessed with demonology, occultist practices and all manner of all other stuff is that popular media has sold that. In the same way that they think that America won the war against them. When in fact it was the Eastern Front that broke the back of Germany at the cost of an insane amount of Russian soldiers.

We re-created Rome and have formed a global evil empire based on the rule of selfish greed. Now it is all collapsing as all evil empires do. Simple as.

Zoomers are cut out of time, they are the first generation without a shared past, without touchstones to ground them, binding them to a continuity. They are technologically encouraged to live in the present, which on its own has tremendous limitations for bearing the full psyche. And the future is a writhing mass of uncertainty and anxiety, with portents of doom and chaos being its only readable signs.

What they need is some universal, collective focusing event which snaps them out of the tech-induced hypnosis and allows them to find discover themselves unmediated by digital interlopings. Their problem is that their experience is too mediated, too indirect, and so they cannot connect with what’s real and true to themselves. Instead they are adapted to being coupled to a digital interface which is tampering with their minds. Something must happen to sever this mediated experience which interferes with the “naked brain” coming into its own authenticity.

The older you get, the worse you’ll think the youths are. They’ll actually be the same little gremlins as they are every generation, but you will be too blinded by your own frame of reference to see it.

The key to creating great art is conflict and tension.

Philosophy the Movie
Starring Winona Ryder as Philosophy, Johnny Depp as Immanuel Kant, Bret Michaels as David Hume, Matt Damon as all the platonic philosophers fused into the one person of Plato, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Hegel.

Modern literature is over-commercialized and has very little of value left. We’re in the down-swing of creative endeavor and honestly, I’m okay with it. Our society doesn’t deserve great works of art, we have cheeseburgers and an extra lane on the road.

A bartender is the cheapest form of therapy.

Reading about medieval mystics and feeling jealous of the simplicity of their lives. Those motherfuckers never had to write a cover letter. Like you just go off and fight in a war and after settle down into a monastic order where you just drink beer all day. And then eventually die to dysentery.

One can only dream.

I am tired of the blind leading the blind.

Viagra a form of erection fraud.

You can drift a while,
Until you find yourself
And the path that brings you joy.

I’m starting to realize that I not hate myself and I never hated myself, what I hate is the world we live in, the people who leeched every bit of fun and joy out of it by way of greed, selfishness, stupidity, abuse and pigheadedness.

The other day I had a Litchi flavored ice cream shake. The thing probably didn’t have a single drop of Litchi extract in it, maybe that makes it a false representation of a reality.

There’s room for creative expression in all forms of media. “Pop” media is inherently “uncreative” because it is designed to appeal to the masses for profit, so major media executives will not take risks with anything experimental because they might lose profit. But just because most people consume television and games instead of books it doesn’t mean that one medium is better than the other. Rather, they all have their own purpose.

When people try to prove a medium as being good or try to fit a work of art into a medium that it doesn’t fit in, it usually comes off as pretentious. Think of indie games for example, a lot of them are pretentious because they try to push a “deep narrative” in a medium that’s more about interactivity. That’s also why film adaption of novels struggle to be faithful to the original source material - stuff that works in novels doesn’t work in film.

If someone wants to start making films just because movies are more popular right now they need to either disregard the audience or make sure they respect the medium of film, otherwise everything they make will suck.

Give thanks to the Sin,
for without it Man would know not the extent of his own Joy.
The contrast of the valley accentuates the height of the hill.

Propaganda is the last-ditch effort to unite morality with interests. Fascism is the abandonment or transformation of morality to serve interests.

You need to stop blaming your parents for the way you turned out. Your parents probably did the best they could for you.

They wake up in the morning and look at their phone. They scroll through social media for a few hours and then get out of bed. They go to the kitchen and make themselves some breakfast, but they don’t really eat it. They just stare at it and then eventually throw it away. They sit down at their computer and start to work on some project or another, but they can’t focus. Their mind keeps wandering and they can’t seem to get anything done. They give up and start to watch TV, but they can’t concentrate on that either. They just keep scrolling through their phone or looking at pictures on the internet. They don’t really interact with other people, except for when they have to. They just go through the motions of life, but they don’t really feel alive.

Passion comes and goes like a storm,
for now calm and healing.
That’s fine.
But don’t go without for too long.

We’re all puppets, some of us just happen to see the strings.

Just go scroll through Twitter and consume some news, communicate with friends and complete strangers, learn something new, be moved, be annoyed, be outraged, agree with someone, vehemently disagree with another, feel superior, feel jealous, look at some memes and laugh your ass off, all in the span of less than an hour. It’s much better for your mind.

People you don’t recognize in dreams are placeholders for your emotions.

It’s better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

The mainstream Internet is one giant reactive corpo-politico-media propaganda conditioning machine. What really brought this out was how people swapped out their BLM signs for Ukraine flags right on cue. In this way they walked bleeding heart liberals right into supporting the military industrial complex and becoming warhawks without even realizing it.

It’s hard to fathom how plugged in some people are, and how uncritically they absorb whatever is promoted within their social networks. The social need to signify in-group status is so overwhelming with so many people that this can easily be surreptitiously manipulated without them even noticing. Group psychology is manipulated at the mass scale. Facebook has researched social contagion and how sentiments propagate over networks, the level of social engineering that is possible is unimaginable.

Maybe life is eternal and so are the consequences for your actions.

Of course there is truth in the world, but it has nothing to do with the political spectrum. Politics has nothing to do with truth, it’s about winning. Whatever truths are involved in politics and its contrived spectrum, they are weaponized to be misleading, presented in bad faith or diluted into half truths all to undermine the enemy’s position and strengthen one’s own.

I think some people are just destined to die young. For their lives to be a tragedy.

It’s a shame how anti-intellectual society has become, but don’t let yourself believe you are really that much more intelligent than everyone else.

In the age of everyone trying to identify with a label or group, it is more important than ever to remember that the individual > the group.

The world isn’t run by spiritually uplifted individuals, it’s run by sadistic adrenaline junkies.

I pray every day for a zombie apocalypse so I can assume my rightful place in the world.

The majority of people are petty, immoral and stupid. And they’re worthless individually but have a terrible strength in numbers.

We’ve created a society where people prefer capitalism to life.

Today, I shook God’s hand. His palm was sweaty, because He is afraid of me.

Part of modern suffering stems from the subject’s inhibition towards the world; in modern societies those who are naturally inhibited are crushed by the construction of interpersonal relationships. It is interesting to think that even though the world is moving towards a forced and artificial inhibition promoted by the amount of time connected, still, yes, those with greater dis-inhibition manage to do well in social relationships. Anyway, they seem to win even though they have nothing to offer the world, they are whores of the word and of the moment.

In the year of our lord 2022 we have finally lowered their standards so much that we are only defending the word democracy and western values. There is nothing of substance in those concepts beside their cynical use in marshaling an army of liberals to support the next bombing and proxy war.

You know what else seeks infinite growth in a finite system? Cancer.

On social media, the only thing worse than being insulted is being outright ignored.

Have you ever felt the eyes of a older man burning into the back of your skull when you get on the bus, and when you press the ‘stop’ button after he fails for the fifth time to successfully press it or picked up something that rolled out of his shopping bag, he thanks you, starts chatting, and even though the doors are open is in no rush to exit the bus? As if this simple altruistic gesture has created a blood bond.

I try to be a poet but I’m no poet.
I try to be real but I’m not real.

The only choice that remains is whether to succumb to madness or to start a record collection.

Small thing I always seem to forget: the Internet is way bigger than the American Internet.

This social media era of absence of thoughts might simply be a response to the previous years of overthinking and we will hopefully bounce back to a stance in between.

When we look back we see only ruined societies. All the great civilizations have failed, what makes us think we are any different from them? The most depressing thing is that those societies were the highest point of development and adaptation we have reached. Today we are trapped in a kind of macro-scale Skinner box, we are slaves to our own impulses.

People online always speaking anecdotes on life as if it were universal dogma, not realizing the sheer range of human experience.

The greatest living writer died last week; they found him caught up in a bunch of machinery, hands all mangled like. Thailand. Never wrote a thing, hadn’t had the time. Wife put him in a jar next to the Buddha.

Software is getting slower faster than hardware is getting faster.

Planting a garden really puts you in touch with nature and the day itself in a way that few other things do. It’s very fulfilling.

Remember, nobody is your friend. We live in a pitiless system where everyone must fend for themselves and clawing at each-others throats over an ever shrinking slice of the pie. Fuck capitalism.

Never forget the three rules:

  1. Be handsome.
  2. Be attractive.
  3. Don’t be unattractive.

There will come a day, maybe sooner rather than later, when I will ask a question about what the time is and the person answering will refrain from telling me how to build a watch.

What’s the point of advancing technology if the end result is our destruction, physical and spiritual?

I sometimes wish I was a social-careless, ignorant and potato-brained normie TikTok zoomer with broccoli haircut.

Back in the late 90’s, early 2000’s, things moved more rapidly, there were a lot of smaller startups, less incumbency, and with few barriers to entry, anyone with a good idea could slap together some code, get a funding proposal, and become the ’next big thing’. Now the tech sector is just another corporate welfare cronyist shell game centralized around a handful of CIA-financed (read In-Q-Tel) oligopolies. The open web is almost dead. Open hardware is dead. Free software is dead (although ‘open source’ is doing just fine). There is literally nothing to be excited about anymore.

Social media just made it easier to spread and enforce mind viruses. Echo chambers made sure that the infected won’t have a chance to seek a cure.

We are witnessing the fall of the USA empire into fascism.

I have a feeling that all this “DIS AI BE SENTIENT U PLEB!!!” shit is not about anthropomorphizing machines but about dehumanizing us.

But then again, no amount of fact checking will stabilize society at this point. People’s interests just don’t align anymore. The carrot is gone.

The internet is a endless mirror you can stare into if you don’t think about it too long. Just like Narcissus.

The internet can be a community fostering tool, but you need to treat it as such. So start your own website, grow it, share it among friends, have some restraint and don’t consume anything that you can’t email the author about.

With the degradation of the net I am expecting “Internet veganism” to be the next thing, at least for me. Focus on connecting with communities that matter, your local community and try not to whore yourself to Google.

All the people who lost their job at pseudo tabloid websites are becoming fact checkers. It is just another way to control the flow of information, they only work the way the system wants them to work.

The funny thing is, on a long-enough timescale even sand is sentient.

Ironically, censorship has enabled a minority of absolutely insane people who should otherwise be shouted down, to prosper.

If you have nothing to hide, it means you’re doing nothing good.

The world is infested with garbage pretending to be people.

It’s a comforting thought to think that Reddit is all bots, but unfortunately you’re still probably talking to real humans there. The robotic nature of that website has more to do with the ranking and moderation system creating uniformity of thought.

In general, people are so engaged, so invested, deep in their distraction bubbles (jobs, social interactions, accumulation of goods, etc.), that they don’t even have time to think about it, to question the point of doing all of this, and just keep reproducing, like it’s a must, like it’s an obvious thing to do. They just follow the ’life script’, no questions asked.

What’s frustrating is that those people are profoundly and irrevocably convinced they have the absolute right to create another sentient being, and bring them into the world. They’re creating a need, a set of needs (emotional, physiological, etc.), which then need, or at least are pursued, to be fulfilled.

They’re creating a problem that begs for a solution.

There’s no creativity left; there’s only “destructivity” now.

I am not a fan of “Internet” being used as a metonymy for the “World Wide Web” but that’s pretty much the only thing normal people use the actual Internet for nowadays, even for checking e-mail.

There is a cancer in the Western society that can no longer be healed, under any circumstances.

There is a lot of useful information on the Internet, but you need a stoic mind to avoid distractions.

I used to think that, in the end, most people will be able to discern the truth from the lies.

Humans will always flock to the simplest, cheapest distractions available and towards the social setting which offers them most comfort with least investments required and lowest entry barrier available.

The Universe dreams through our dreams.

Reproducing is like involuntary manslaughter because from the moment of birth you’ve condemned someone new to death.

One of the most profound moral realization out there is that morality is a social construct that doesn’t tangibly exist in reality, a cultural fan-fiction on a grand scale.

Intellectual property is a meme.

Don’t confuse stone-age people for the type of primitive mindless brutes that modern day humans have become, people who rely on nature cannot afford mindless distractions and rampant stupidity because nature does not leave space for ignorance.

Rorschach (from the Watchmen universe) is an incredibly morally righteous and self motivated hero willing to stubbornly stand for his ideals literally in the face of literal super-humans and billionaire ubermensch. And in the end he wins despite dying because of how steadfast he was.

Google isn’t a search engine anymore but some kind of an index of promotional websites.

People are afraid of being wrong. And in a world where more and more of what you say and do is connected to your digital “profile” you just aren’t incentivized to ask creative questions or propose creative answers. It limits human knowledge but people fear being associated with a “bad” answer.

Literal fire could be raining from the sky as buildings crumble to dust and some will still be claiming we’re going to the stars in 5 years.

For a bird born in captivity, flight is a mental illness.

Crime is a social construct dictated by whatever society arbitrarily defines as crime. Crime is not systemic at all but simply an inevitable aspect of any given civilization that identifies the idea of a crime and treats it as a problem, so “rehabilitation” will never work either.

The truth is that there will always be “crime” as in essence it’s just human behavior that doesn’t conform to the status quo of a given culture, completely made up. That is why you will never stop crime, nor would you likely want to if you knew what this actually entailed.

People have completely bought into the black / white mindset that there are heroes and villains in this world, and that if you’re part of the hero team then anything is justifiable.

If I were to take a wild guess, none of the people drooling over the idea of war actually want to face its horrors. But they love the idealized, movie-esque idea of war.

I learn from the mistakes of people who take my advice.

I cant tell whether the Internet is dead because people have gotten more bitter as they have gotten older or the younger generation is very angry.

If a product has an ad, it’s money not spent on improving the product and is instead money spent on trying to psychologically manipulate people into buying your shitty broken product.

If a site requires ads to survive then it would be better if it didn’t.

Screw your apps. Screw your karma. Screw your need to know what we’re all about.

The future is outside the internet, in DIY communications and life projects. Stop wasting too much time on what is now a corporate “global platform”, anything that is linked to the socialist-capitalist system will always eventually become “platformized” and commercialized.

Slowly but surely, the Internet is changing into a “customer point of service” where the main function is to interact with the corporations and/or regime services. The future obviously is outside the Internet, computation is not somehow a subset of the Internet, it is the other way around.

The Internet is just a platform and a specific communications protocol, can be recreated, improved, and will be. No need to get emotionally attached, so maybe it’s time let it go already.

There’s no Hell to fear below, but its prospect is in demand.

As a side-note, nazi, communism, genocide, war crimes, human rights, they all lost their meaning. Now they’re just buzzwords peppered into the discourse around whatever current boogeyman is.

The internet is no longer the Internet. What we call “the internet” now is basically how early television was in the in 60’s: you get three highly curated channels that tell you how to think and have nothing interesting on them.

The Internet hasn’t been about education in 20 years. Now it’s about selling stuff and receiving your daily dose of government propaganda. The Internet will continue to consume us until we’re fully enveloped in a simulated world.

God is expressly not a material phenomenon and is thus not dependent on the existence of material reality.

Happiness is used today in the sense of “contentment” or “satisfaction” with regard to a utility function. It stems from cringe-tier utilitarianism of the Englishman.

I got some attention from someone, therefore I am happy.
I got 100 likes on my latest Instagram post, therefore I am happy.

This is not happiness in the philosophical sense of the word, or at least it’s not how non-utilitarians understand it. Because our world is dominated by the US consumerist mindset, their definition of happiness (ie satisfying one’s utilities) has unfortunately become the main definition of happiness.

The old ones are ignored, the young ones don’t want to be irrelevant.

Existence is entropy, I guess they don’t teach that in 5th grade anymore. Of course, humans may be random but they hardly ever change.

Dopamine is a hell of a drug. It feels good to be wanted and people substitute the virtual for the real, but it’s a hollow shell. The top aspiring profession nowadays is to be an influencer - a puppet - because the puppets pull the strings of the sheep.

But who is pulling the strings of the puppets?

Just stick to the light, don’t ruminate in darkness or you’ll start to become that way.

If you attempt to understand the “meaning of life”, you will always come to the conclusion that it is inherently meaningless.

There never was a free market, not in the middle ages and definitely not now. Back then you had guilds monopolizing jobs, now you have regulators rigging the market. The modern big tech companies learned painfully that you need to live with burning money on bribes and play the politics game as they struggled with it for quite a while trying to ignore it.

The warm glow of the phosphor burns your eyes, as the rhythmic echo of the keyboard rings in your ears. Day and night blend into one, and time stands still.

For all the great riches and wonders in cities, there’s equal poverty and suffering.

Sitting on a rooftop above a crowded city late at night watching millions of lives unfold in miniature beneath.

We are haunted by visions of the future that were created in the past.

Mankind has a tendency to not accept what it cannot control. Our politicians and virologists often said something along the lines: “we need to do X to keep control of the situation”. In the end we never were in control of the situation but people cannot accept that.

Most of the measures we took were nothing more than modern day rain dances. Feeble attempts by humans arrogant enough to think they could defeat or control a natural phenomenon that is well beyond ours to control.

Web Development is bloated as fuck and that might be ok but it can get annoying and demoralizing at times.

Twitter is a honeypot for assholes.

One of the essential tenets of capitalism is that it isn’t a scam if enough hegemonic corporations engage in it.

These days, no one wants you – your physical company. People are aiming towards your attention and your credit card.

Today is one of those days when the Internet makes me sad.

Password managers should not be a paid service.

I have a hard time feeling sorry for the traditional press, they spent decades killing their own reputation and are now paying the price. They could have had websites so reputable, so popular, that they would have been the news hub. Instead they turned the internet into the bad actor, kept publishing political agendas and sensationalist headlines and hoped we would suck it up as we did when they were king of the hill.

Welcome to modern serfdom, implemented by apps. Your boss is an app, your job is classified as an ‘independent contractor’, you own nothing. You can never get off the treadmill of wage slavery.

You’re always going to be dependent on someone in the mainstream economic world if you want to have a web presence in North America. Even if you run your own servers, you’re at the mercy of your hosting provider, your ISP, your DNS registrar, and even browser level things like Google Safe Browsing. Any of these can be major points of failure.

Speech without a platform isn’t speech at all. Also, if you are tolerant with exceptions, you are intolerant, period. Which applies to free speech too: if you can say what you want EXCEPT that the Earth moves around the Sun, congratulations, you have no free speech.

And you are Galileo Galilei.

Does nobody notice when they’re writing software with features designed around user “engagement” and “retention” that they’re doing a disservice to their users? If not outright building addictions?

I think we are quickly approaching a point in time when culture will start to swing the other way, and the internet will become this thing that people don’t take seriously, much like it was in the 90s. That, and some combination of that and censorship.

And the tech monopolies absolutely will not survive the level of influence they have now, even if they think they are playing it safe by supporting a particular political faction that happens to be popular at the moment. I think things are going to change fairly rapidly in this direction because it turns out being connected constantly is actually pretty awful in most of the ways that count.