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Qubit and Inter-Process Communication

Sat, May 6, 2017

One of the most important tasks of the kernel, in a client-server model, is to provide a means for clients and servers to send and receive messages. Clients need to be able to talk to servers, servers need to be able to talk back to clients, and servers need to talk to servers.

I. Communication Mechanisms

There are four parts to this communication infrastructure:

1. Ports

When a process that wants to be a server is created, it requests a port number from the kernel. Ports are the endpoints where clients and servers send their messages, kind of like a mailbox address. Each port has its own queue of messages being sent to, or returned by, the server.

Qubit OS and bootloaders

Sun, Jan 22, 2017

When the computer is powered up, after the initial hardware scan and gathering, the BIOS then checks which device contains the boot information. This could be a floppy disk, CD-ROM, or typically, the primary hard drive. The first sector (bootsector) is read. The small program in this area reads a partition table that is kept at the end of the sector. This table has all of the hard drives, their partitions, and their purpose, listed. The one it looks for, specifically, is the one designated as the boot partition. Then, this little program turns over control to another program, called the bootloader, loading it from that boot partition and subsequently running it.

Operating System basics

Mon, Oct 10, 2016

The Operating System (OS) is the software that pulls together all of the hardware components, processors, disks, memory, etc., into a cohesive interface for all users and programs to use. The kernel is the name for the core of the operating system: the program that handles all the software-components controlling the hardware.

Things that the kernel implements are considered to be in kernel space. Everything else, outside of the kernel, is considered user space, and is where software that uses the kernel’s interface runs (managing files, graphical interface, games, word processing, etc).


Sun, Nov 20, 2011

portscan is a simple port scanner for random IPs or specified IP ranges. Logs the open ports to a separate text file.

Firefox Palette Shooter

Thu, Jan 20, 2011
A Mozilla Firefox addon that will allow you to export a color palette from your current page, a color palette that you can use in Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, Flash, Fireworks and many more. Language Javascript and XUL License GPLv3 Version 1.0.0 Release date June 8, 2014 Download zip archive Source git clone https://github.


Thu, Jan 20, 2011
Note - project and its source code is obsolete and hasn’t been updated since 2010. HelixBlog is a simple Ruby on Rails weblog application that helps you focus on writing above all else; it has all the features you want in a weblogging applicaton wrapped in an efficiently designed interface that eliminates clutter. By focusing on simplicity and usability, HelixBlog allows you to spend your time writing, rather than managing a convoluted CMS.


Thu, Jan 20, 2011
Lettera is a FREE flat-file Content Management System written in PHP (any version from 5.3 up should be just fine), that doesn’t have any other requirements than PHP to run. It doesn’t need a database, it stores the posts and pages into JSON text files and it is fully PHP 7 compatible. As a flat-file Content Management System, Lettera stores the content in files and folders, which has a handful of advantages.


Thu, Jan 20, 2011
Qubit is an POSIX-compliant Operating System that uses a microkernel organization, therefore it has a very small kernel footprint and all drivers reside in usermode processes. Requirements Intel 386sx(or compatible) CPU and up. minimum of 16Mb of RAM. IDE or SCSI disk formatted with FAT(12/16/32). Hardware support IDE drives ST 506. Floppy drives (360k, 720k, 1.44Mb and 2.88Mb). Mouses (Microsoft bus, Logitech bus, IBM serial and PS/2).


Thu, Jan 20, 2011
Note - project and its source code is obsolete and hasn’t been updated since 2011. A PHP 5 framework build on a MVC (model-view-controller) architecture written for rapid RIA development. Language PHP License Public Domain Version 1.0.0 Release date June 12, 2011 Download zip archive Source git clone https://github.com/sizeofcat/sprout.git

Tizen dev-it

Thu, Jan 20, 2011
tizen-dev-it is a collection of scripts created to transform your Samsung RD-PQ development device into a personal home development server. Since the device should be running Tizen 2.3.1, you have a powerfull Linux kernel available so the scripts just remove the unneeded cruft from the packages while installing others that you will need. The scripts are tested with RD-PQ and Tizen 2.3.1. Language Bash scripts License MIT Version 1.


Thu, Jan 20, 2011
catQuery is a Javascript framework similar to jQuery, Mootools or Prototype, designed to ease the development of dynamic web applications. This library is mainly a proof-of-concept, if you need a full-featured lightning-fast Javascript library, use jQuery. Some of the current features of the library are: selectors, DOM manipulation, AJAX, style manipulation, extensibility. Language Javascript License Public Domain Version 1.

Meme Generator

Mon, Jan 10, 2011

Meme Generator is a small application that will allow users to create simple (and effective) meme images. The application is built using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.