Dipping into the archive is always an interesting, if sometimes unsettling, proposition. It often begins with anxiety, with the fear that the thing you want won't surface. But ultimately the process is a little like tapping into the unconscious, and can bring with it the ambivalent gratification of rediscovering forgotten selves. Moyra Davey, Long Life Cool White: Photographs and Essays

You might be looking for the full archive, which includes posts. Websites come and go, people die, world ends, you got the idea. If you think this website is interesting and you want to keep a copy of it, you can download an archive from this page.


Sep 15 Airborne
Sep 1 Remnants
Aug 31 Yesterday
Aug 17 Moments
Jun 29 Landscape
Jun 3 Infinity
Apr 29 Flight
Apr 2 Silica
Jan 1 Freedom


Oct 15 Order
May 9 Lainring
Jan 30 Moon
Jan 8 Boating


Dec 22 Llibertat
Nov 27 Graffiti
Nov 10 Decay
Oct 30 Data leaks
Oct 29 Njalla
Jan 27 Cyberpunk
Jan 4 Amerika
Jan 3 Cloudy
Jan 1 Freedom


Dec 8 Schiller
Sep 12 The eye
Jul 18 Silent
Jun 17 Harbour


Sep 2 Texture
May 7 Lettere


Oct 19 Foggy day
Jan 30 DNS dig


Mar 3 Limestone



Dec 2 Ocean