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The Age of Cockroaches

Wednesday, August 17, 2022   Post   385 words  2 mins read

Every person ends up being a sell-out midwit in the end, nobody is actually committed to anything in this dying world. Commitment doesn’t exist as a modality anymore, we have regressed to an animal existence. The most “extreme” and “ascetic” people are just in it for the self-image, a form of narcissistic self-consumption and self-idolatry only superficially predicated on a rejection of bourgeois consumption and idolatry. Everybody sucks, everybody settles. This is the Age of Cattle (or the Age of Corporations) and it will be succeeded by an Age of Cockroaches. All the battles are lost (or at least seem that way).

You could draw a chemical diagram of the compositional and combinatorial possibilities of the entire age on a single piece of paper, and mathematically prove the impossibility of change. The mass is a dispersed gas of single atoms. Anything pressurized enough to be interesting, under local and anomalous conditions bound to disperse eventually in turn, is ipso facto too isolated to be interesting. Isolation leads to rarefication, idiosyncrasy, an effective atomism, mirroring the atomism of the mass. There is no way to act upon the mass, and no point in joining with the localized blobs of merely fitful energy, welling up into little pointless sparks and fizzling out again.

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Goodbye King Terry

Thursday, August 11, 2022   Post   50 words  1 min read

It’s good to be king. Wait. Maybe. I think I’m just like a bizarre little person who walks back and forth. Whatever, you know. Haha. Terrence Andrew Davis, Dec 15 1969 - Aug 11 2018

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The Age of Corporations

Monday, July 25, 2022   Post   314 words  2 mins read

The truth is that you are continuously trying to scrape for further depth in a filament. Your experience of reality is the reflection of the sun on the crest of a wave. There are many waves just like yours. The only special glimmering part of the wave is a reflection with no substance.

Every time you try to dig deeper into the ’light’ you just hit cold water in all directions. You can’t dig deeper, you can only enjoy the surface like all the others. The fact that you want to experience something more simply means you are greedy or malignant in some way. Everyone else is content with things the way they are but you believe there is more to it than that. You are at the cusp or over the threshold of evolutionary-viable intelligence. Either you get with the program or die alone. Hopefully along the way, should you have children, you will be so traumatized by your experience as an ‘outsider intellectual’ that you will raise the most submissive and obedient children of their generation.

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SOCKS5 proxy list

Saturday, July 16, 2022   Post   1018 words  5 mins read

If you happen to need a SOCKS5 proxy, for nefarious or totally legit reasons, check this out (list is in IP:PORT format if it’s not already clear):

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