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The Indie Web Manifesto (1997)

Monday, May 16, 2022    Link

The indie web, it’s these thousands of websites delivering millions of pages, built up with passion, opinions and information by Net users assuming their rights as citizens. The indie web is a new type of link between people, it’s a free and open space of shared knowledge where vanity has no place.

While commercial websites display more and more agressive messages, target and track their users, the indie web respects the individuals, their intelligence and their privacy; it’s an open forum for thoughts and debate. While purely commercial websites turn into information and entertainment magazines, while tycoons of media, telecom, computing and military agencies fight for the control of the Internet, the indie web offers a free vision of the world, bypasses the economic censorship of news, its confusion with advertising and infommercial, its reduction to a dazing and manipulating entertainment.

le minirézo


Monday, May 9, 2022   Post   485 words  3 mins read

A decentralized webring created by the users of lainchan, an image board; initial data was retrieved from Ophanim, if you notice missing images refresh the page.

Please let me know if a link is dead or if you want your website added to the list (don’t forget to specify a website URL, a website title and a 240x60 banner image too). All links have "noopener noreferrer" attributes, order is random, last updated May 2022.

If you want to go to a random website from the LainRing, append ?go=random to this page URL or click here (you might want to open that in a new tab).

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Captain Blackbeard Radio #14

Friday, April 22, 2022   Post   243 words  2 mins read

MERRY 4/20 TO YE ALL! Yaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!

The Unclean Serene Unseen Offscreen Obscene Is In Episode Fourteen!



CaptainBlackbeard Radio invites ye, to an audio psychedelic four dimensional three hour tour. The entire world shutters and braces itself, facing the most horrifying species extinction level crisis imaginable. Missiles are currently in the air, in Episode 14!

In this broadcast, we explore Modern War in the 21st Century.

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Iran Sanctions: A Story of Discrimination and Isolation

Wednesday, April 20, 2022    Link

Let me take you through a story on what it feels like to be isolated from the world, not by choice, but rather, by force. This is a story of discrimination, of monopoly, of people shrugging to these issues and of utterances that affect lives of millions.

Living in Iran, or any sanctioned country for that matter, you learn to read “anyone, anywhere” with an appendix of “except you”. You soon learn “worldwide shipping” excludes you, that’s when you start wondering, are you not living in “the world”? Where is this “world” they talk about?


This, in part, is caused by the global monopoly of American companies such as Google, Amazon, GitHub and alike in their respective fields. This means if The United States decides to pressure a specific target, the target population is likely to be left without much of an alternative or option, since a great proportion of the land is covered by American companies.

Iranian users rely heavily on use of VPN services and proxy servers to bypass censorship, but now with most Cloud Providers blocking access of Iranians, we are left with limited, usually more expensive options for setting up these servers.

Mahdi Dibaiee

Pentesting setup: Burp, Android and Macbook M1

Sunday, April 10, 2022   Post   395 words  2 mins read

Setting up a pentesting environment on a Macbook M1 for an Android device is really easy and you can intercept in Burp Suite all the requests sent from the device. Let’s do that.
  1. You will need Android Studio, make sure you download the ARM version. Yes, we all hate Google.

  2. Open Android Studio and create a device using an API level that is supported by modern applications (for example Pixel 2, API 32, arm64-v8a architecture), or leave the default device (Pixel_3a_API_32_arm64-v8a).

  3. Launch the emulator using your device name (that you specified in the step above, remember to replace YOUR_USER with your actual macOS username; in my case, the username is the name of my pet horse, Twinkles; just kidding, that’s the name of my pet fish, my pet horse is named Fondue):

$ cd /Users/YOUR_USER/Library/Android/sdk/emulator
$ ./emulator -avd Pixel_3a_API_32_arm64-v8a -writable-system
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